“The gift of a good education is the most genuine expression of love any parent can ever give to a child.”

Utilizing diverse, engaging academic activities, Kindergarten students learn the fundaments of reading and math. Their fundamental skills teachers guide them through their first steps on the educational journey that will take each one of them through the Eighth Grade and onto the high school of their choice.

Coco and Thor

Each Kindergarten classroom has a mascot, Coco, and Thor. Mascots are essential assistants to the teacher. They know each student better than anyone because they are always observing from the top of the shelves how each child is participating in their daily activities.

Since Coco and Thor don’t like the silence in the school, when their friends are not there, teachers schedule home visits for Coco and Thor each weekend. These visits are much fun not only for Coco and Thor but also for the families that host them while the school is closed. During these visits, Coco and Thor get to know the students’ parents, sharing their family life and participating in many cool activities.

On Mondays, the lucky children report back to the rest of the class, sharing activities, videos, and stories about their weekend adventures with Coco and Thor. Stories and practices like the above, help students learn and develop self- discipline, responsibility, teamwork, problem-solving, and self-confidence.